Get The Enviro-Friendly Workplace With These 6 Tips

By   August 10, 2015

Enviro-Friendly WorkplaceIt is good for business today for a company to be enviro-friendly. Why? Well first of all, consumers are becoming more and more aware of being enviro-friendly and making their purchases based on what can be or has been recycled.  And with that means, they are looking at products and services from companies that are being enviro-friendly.

And secondly, businesses are discovering how much money they can save by being enviro-friendly, even after the initial cost, if there is any. They are also realizing their employees are consumers and that takes us back to the first reason stated above. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of being enviro-friendly. So when the company has enviro-friendly workplace, their employees, who are consumers too, can take pride in knowing their employer is contributing to the fix not the problem.

There are a small number of ways for small businesses to contribute to saving the planet:

It’s In The Cloud: Cloud computing has taken off with a great fury for businesses because they can be more streamlined and collaborate efficiently as well as being enviro-friendly. How is the Cloud help to be enviro-friendly workplace? When companies can save and share files via the Cloud, there is less ink and paper being used for printing. There are some great applications on the market today such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and Mobile Work Folder which allows a company’s employees in various other locations to collaborate efficiently as well as access documents from other locations.

Paper Waste Reduction: For the times that printed documents are must, companies can print on both sides of the paper is a huge step in reduced waste. They can also purchase post-consumer waste paper and eliminate fax-cover sheets. Even simple things like using fonts that aren’t as bold will use less paper when printing.

Teleconference Instead of Travel: Today there are many ways to have teleconference which eliminates not only expenses but travel time too. With the technology today, when employees have certain devices and access to various Internet Plans and Mobile Internet solutions, companies can save money and employees aren’t on the road as much, which reduces carbon emissions and is one of the biggest steps in being enviro-friendly.

Work In More Natural Settings: Today’s office is a great place for companies to reduce the carbon footprint and save money by being enviro-friendly. Using the natural lighting and having windows that open on nice days instead of using air conditioning. Adding some live plants to the office can improve the office décor as well as the quality of air in the office. These steps are also a boost to company morale as well.

Recycle More: Having a bin for empty cans and used paper are great steps in being enviro-friendly, but there is more that can be done by companies. When smartphones are broken, instead of storing them in a closet or drawer, there are businesses and organizations that will either buy them or accept them as a donation, which will be a tax write-off, and recycle them valuable materials that can be scraped from them. They also have a way to dispose of any hazardous substances to keep it out of the landfill.

Be Watchful: When a company decides to take these steps and other steps to be more enviro-friendly, everyone has to contribute to get the most good from it. It has to be a daily commitment by each person in the company.