Get A Modern Look In A Green Kitchen With The Cabinetry

By   August 9, 2015

Green KitchenOne item that has gained popularity in efforts of having a green kitchen is cabinetry made from bamboo. It is a sustainable resource and when it comes to bamboo cabinetry, the biggest advantage is their longevity. In 10 years, 15 years and even 20 years bamboo cabinetry will look just as good as the day they are installed.

While homeowners are looking for ways to have a green kitchen and have not considered bamboo as a material need to be aware that it is a grass, not wood from a tree.  Bamboo grass grows to maturity in 7 years where oak, pine and walnut trees can take many, many more years, thus affecting the environment.

The Choices Are Many For A Green Kitchen

The numbers of choices in bamboo cabinetry is another advantage when choosing material for a green kitchen.  The choices of grains that provide a wide choice in designs and textures allow a home owner to create a focal point that is spectacular and will enhance the modern, green kitchen.

Most people aren’t aware that Bamboo is available in different colors as well for a green kitchen build. It comes natural or in a scotch option which is a darker color. They are also available in shaker or slab designs and will compliment a modern green kitchen easily. The slab style is the most popular choice because the finish is sleek and smooth with clean edges, which is seen to be modern. The shaker style is stylish and more textured with a straight edged design and gives a green kitchen a more personal touch.

From The Bottom Up, Bamboo Is The Green Kitchen Material

For anyone that wants to create a modern green kitchen, bamboo is the perfect natural material. It is used in cabinetry and flooring because of its durability. Bamboo makes for the perfect finish in creating a green kitchen that is truly enviro-friendly. It pairs well with granite countertops, another natural resource and together, they provide a green kitchen the beautiful finish any homeowner would love to have.

Modern Space and Storage In Your Green Kitchen

With bamboo cabinetry it is easy to design in plenty of storage space and get the most from wall space as possible with cabinetry under the country and above the counter. The green kitchen can have minimal amount of clutter just as a traditional build kitchen does.  Such as perks of built-in cutlery holders and spice racks.  The bamboo material can be just a strong and versatile as the main part of a green kitchen.