Five Ways To Use Wind Power

By   December 28, 2015

Wind PowerWind is an environmentally-friendly, alternative energy that is also a renewable resource and it is found all around us. It has been used for thousands of years and we still have plenty of it left to use because it renews every day, all day! We’re going to talk about some of the many uses for wind power, some of them you may have heard about and some may be a total surprise.

Energy-Generating via Wind Turbines: When wind turbines are installed, they capture power from the wind and it is then converted into energy. You’ll see them in broad scale use on wind farms and you will see them on an even smaller scale uses like individual wind turbines used in peoples home to generate power. Larger companies are taking advantage of the wind as well to help cut back their utility expenses as well as be a part of the push to go green.

Vehicles That Are Wind-Powered: Recently, there was a story on the news about a car that is powered by the wind primarily by way of kites. It traveled across Australia, 3,100 miles! And while it wasn’t totally wind powered, (it used batteries, kites, and the wind) it did serve as a good example of how the wind can be an alternative energy for cars. It is reported that is cost $10 to $15 worth of energy for the whole trip.

Cargo ships That Are Wind and Kite-Powered: The shipping company, Cargill, has provided us another example of using wind power.  They have taken an innovative idea and installed a large kite on one of their cargo ships so that it can use wind power and reduce their consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions. Now, you may say there have been sail boats for thousands of years that used the wind to power them, but this is a first for the wind to power large vessels like cargo ships.

Sports via Wind Power: For years the wind has powered sports. We have had hang-gliding, kites flying, para-sailing, wind-skiing and wind-surfing,

Water Pumping via Wind Power: There isn’t anything new about the wind pumping water from the ground. Farmers have done it for years and years. Now, we are taping the wind to bring water to communities and other countries.

When you look at some of things that have been using wind power all these years and then the new innovative ways to use wind power, it is exciting to think what else is to come! If the youth of today is raised around this type of innovates, their minds have an open range of things they can come up in the future.