Easy Ways to Live Eco-Friendly

By   September 25, 2015

Eco-FriendlyLiving eco-friendly doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be inexpensive. To help you find those easy and inexpensive ways to live eco-friendly, take a look at these tips and some tricks we found to do around the clock eco-friendly.

Morning Time

  • “Certified” Coffee: When coffee has a label “USDA Certified Organic” this means that is was grown by way of sustainable standards and is eco-friendly.
  • On The Go Green Coffee: If you don’t have time to drink your brew at home, take a reusable travel cup to your coffee store. Some even offer a discount when you’re being eco-friendly.

Working Hours

  • Two Side It: Go eco-friendly and set up your copy machines and printers to print on both sides of a page.
  • Put It On Snooze Mode: When you aren’t going to be at your computer for a while, like at the end of the day, be eco-friendly and put it in sleep mode.

Errand Runs

  • TYOB: That’s “Take Your Own Bag” to the store. Why grab another plastic bag? And some merchants are even paying rebate at the time of check out (meaning it comes off your tab) if you use a reusable bag you bring in for being eco-friendly.


  • Turn Off The Electronics: By using a power strip that is UL certified, you can be eco-friendly with own button that turns off all your devices like the DVD player and television. Even when you turn these things off, they are still drawing electricity.

Get The Kids Started Now

  • Game Time Over: Teach your kids to be eco-friendly and turn the television and the video console off when they are done.
  • Teach Them To Contribute: Get them started on collecting and selling aluminum cans and if there is a place in your area that buys them, plastic bottles too. Let the kids redeem the cash they get on a new game for being eco-friendly.
  • Turn Off The Water: While you teach your kids to brush their teeth, teach them not to leave the faucet running while they’re brushing and be eco-friendly to run the water only when they are actually using it.