Does Your Doctor’s Office Go Green?

By   July 6, 2015

Go GreenAre you do everything you can to go green at home? Do you think your doctor’s office is? It may not even occur to you that there are things they can do to be more eco-friendly. It may not even occur to them either. What’s more interesting, they can do something that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but will save them money and maybe, just maybe that savings could be passed on to you. Share this article with you doctor as a friendly helpful bit of information.

First step would be start using office supplies that are Earth-friendly.  It is great help for the environment and the office budget could see a better cash flow. There are many people that still think using green eco-friendly products are expensive and this couldn’t be further from the truth anymore. The environmentally-friendly products on the market today can save money for your clinic as well as the back and front offices.

Go Green With You Medical Practice

When you do things to save energy and recycle, buy and use medical supplies that are ecologically-sound and responsibly-sourced, you will see savings each month and further down the road. The small savings you see immediately will add up over time and make your efforts to Go Green pay off.

Here Are A Few Tips To Get You Started:
Save on you energy bill with motion sensors that work with automated lighting. As you and your staff    enter and leave back rooms, break rooms and examination rooms, lights are left on sometimes. With a little investment now installing motion sensors and timers, the lights will shut off automatically. This will start showing up on your electric bill first and over time, you’ve paid for the small investment. You also will minimize the carbon footprints that you and your staff are leaving behind.
Buy recyclable medical supplies that are made from recycled materials. Help the Earth and save you some money by buying disposable medical supplies that are made from recycled materials. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that they are usually less expensive than the stuff that are recyclable but made from new materials that are non-recycled.  Save money because your staff won’t have to sterilize every time they use something too.

Select Earth friendly products for your other supplies too. Are you using disposable medicine cups, disposable table covers, drape sheets and thermometer tips? These items are available through any medical supplier and they are less expensive than you may think.  It can save your staff time, your office money and the Earth carbon footprints. Take a look at your reception area as well and see what items you can replace with more eco-friendly products in an effort to Go Green.

Look into buying rapid testing supplies. This will let your staff check things like flu, strep and urinalysis which will cut down on waste. They are convenient, disposable and available online or at the closest full-service medical supply store. By not having to send those samples out for testing, you minimize the wait time by eliminating the need to have them picked up or shipped out, which is also saving the environment and you money.

For years, everyone has been offering an online billing service. It can save you and your patient’s money, time and minimizes paper waste too. You will still need to comply with HIPAA privacy requirements, but renew that drive with your patients and let them know every step you can Go Green is helping the environment.