Do Your Eco-Friendly Part With You Fall Gardening

By   September 23, 2015

Eco-FriendlyAs fall arrives, the temperatures drop and the air is crisp, which tells us that winter is on the way soon. So prior to winter arrival, you have many things you need to in the garden and your yard so that it will be ready for spring next year. This year, do your part eco-friendly using these tips we have found:

Do You Need To Fertilize
Fall is when fertilizing is done, but does yours really need it? Before you buy all that expensive fertilizer, test first.  Just about any county extension office and some garden centers will have kits that test your soil. Some are free and others are a minimal expense. It will give you a report that will outline what nutrients your lawn needs and what it doesn’t need too. Remember, the less chemical use you have on the ground, the more eco-friendly your lawn!

Mulch Those Fall Leaves
Each fall leaves behind leaves on the ground. Did you know that they make a great mulch that won’t cost you a dime? It is an eco-friendly way of using those leaves and they provide great nutrients and protection for your garden.

Work Those Old Newspapers
Most people are getting their news off the internet these days, which is very eco-friendly. But if you’re one of those that still likes reading from print, your old newspapers are great for your fall gardening. Just mulch them along with those leaves that are left behind and use them to prep your gardens for next spring.

Keep Piling On The Compost
You don’t need to quit adding to your compost pile during the winter. This makes a great destination for some of those leaves that were left behind or the remnants from your flower and vegetable garden as well as yard clippings. If you started a compost pile to be eco-friendly, don’t stop just because its winter!

Use this coming fall season to expand your efforts of being eco-friendly. Use your leftovers, your fall leaves and newspapers to be ready when spring comes again. The more you can recycle and reuse, the more eco-friendly you and your garden will be.