Do You Part To Help Keep The Air Clean

By   August 30, 2015

enviro-friendlyFrom our homes to our workplace to our cars, every aspect of our lives should be or work to get enviro-friendly. We’ve covered how we can be more enviro-friendly with the water, one of our most important natural resources. And now we’re going to look at what we can do to have clean air.

The air we breathe is all around us. It doesn’t cost to go outside and take a deep breath. However, the pollutants that we allow to fill the air are what we’re getting a deep breath of and many of those are unhealthy.

Conserve The Electricity: Growing up, probably one of the things you heard repeatedly from your parents was “turn off the lights!” right?  Until the past 20 years the main purpose of that was to save on the electric bill, but today it is an enviro-friendly step we all need to take because it also helps keep the air we breathe clean.

Maybe you’re wondering what things like electricity has to do with the clean air? Well anything and everything that is uses electricity for power is getting that electricity from power plants. Those plants typically burn coal or fossil fuel, both of which produce emissions that are clouding up the air we’re breathing.

So think about every time you leave your computer on, even in sleep mode, you’re contributing to that cloud of emissions that is filling our air. And there are other steps we can each take to keep our air cleaner.

  • During the winter months, lower your home’s thermostat to 68 degrees. This will keep it warm enough to keep everyone comfortable and for those who do get chilled can slip on a sweater. Layering up is more enviro-friendly. And make sure your home is properly and thoroughly insulated so that the heat stays inside where you need it.
  • If you live in an area where it is possible, switch to solar or wind powered energy.
  • During the summer months, minimize the amount of air conditioning your use and set the thermostat to 78.
  • When you aren’t using your appliances, computers, televisions, etc turn them off and keep them unplugged until you are ready to use them.
  • Replace your standard light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs as they burn out.

Don’t Rely On Your Car:  Even though cars today are made more enviro-friendly, they are still a contributing factor to the air pollution and if not on the roadways, then in the manufacturing process. There are so many levels that cars are contributing to our air pollution.

Cut back the use of your personal car and either carpool or use public transportation, even take up riding a bike or walking instead. This will be better for the air and for your health.

Buy Locally: Take a look at your habits when shopping and you’ll see how you are contributing to the air pollution problem. When you buy from the large commercial stores, they have products that are made from manufacturing plants that have contributed to the air pollution. They are packaged in materials that were manufactured and contributed to the air pollution. They were transported to the store where you’re shopping and that contributed to the air pollution. Then you drive to the big box store and that contributed to the air pollution.

When you’re shopping consider how things are manufactured and what they are made from. Look for things made from all natural materials that are sustainable making them enviro-friendly. How far away did the item come from to the store you’re shopping?  Chances are you can find good replacements for most of the items you buy right by your house.