Do You Own One Of Those Passive Houses?

By   June 16, 2015

Passive HousesWe don’t always realize the impact our homes have on the environment. And yet it is imperative for us to all become more aware and start doing more to save the planet. We all know that one person that does things to save the environment, but that isn’t enough. We need more people like that one person we all know and make our homes passive houses.

And we can become that one person by furnishing our kitchens with appliances that are energy efficient. By upgrading our kitchens we are absorbing less electricity and by keeping it full, helps it to use even less electricity.

Installing insulation traps in the walls helps to preserve cold and heat and the cold, enabling you to use your electric appliances even less. A passive-house will have artificial grass installed which doesn’t have to be watered.

Are Passive Houses Really That Much Better?

To be ‘one of those’ people, we can’t confuse passive solar and passive houses. A passive house is built to meet the most demanding design standards that will maximize durability while being energy efficient and indoor air quality as well still maintain a physical comfort.

Passive houses are designed to minimize solar gain in the summer and to bet the maximum amount of energy in the winter. Everything that puts off any heat like the lights, refrigerators, stores and even human heat help generate heat for them, thus they have to work less.

A Worldwide Effort

While American’s didn’t really get on board with the environmental things like super-insulating our homes until the 1970s, the Germans started in the 1980s. And in 2002 it was German architect that build her own passive-house in Illinois. Now here home is the standard by which all are measured against.