Consumers Are Gaining More Interest In Green Homes

By   July 25, 2015

Green HomesRetail giants have already adopted sustainable ways in their operations, including building green stores. Even Hollywood has gotten on the go-green bandwagon when they incorporated several green practices with the 2008 Oscars. And let’s not forget all the home and garden shows on television today that are a steady stream of living green.

And while consumers have been green conscious for a long time, such as recycling cans, paper and plastics, they are now looking at building and buying green homes. They have become more in-tuned with the benefits that green homes have to offer and now homebuilders are finding the opportunities to meet their demands. Such as adopting practices that will improve durability and make home more energy efficiency as well as improve the air quality indoors.

For builders to get the consumer’s attention and ultimately their business, they need to know the consumer’s attitude about building green homes so they can respond accordingly.

Consumers Have Uncertainty

Their first concern is if green home building is more hype or is it for real? Many are skeptic and wonder about all the media hype that is surrounding green home building. They realize that green homes could be nothing more than a marketing strategy, and so they question the motives by builders and the companies that advertise products used in building green homes. Many consumers have become aware of a tactic that many companies use now called ‘greenwashing’ which misleads consumers to think the practices and products of these companies are green when in reality, they aren’t. A homebuilder now must prove they are legitimate and using legitimate practices and products to build green homes.

They Want To Know Who Is Buying Green Homes

People that are buying green homes are doing so for a variety of reasons, thus they aren’t easily placed into a category. A family may buy a green home so they can raise their family in a toxin-free home for allergy purposes. Or empty-nesters will buy green homes for the lower utility bills.

For the most part, a consumer that is looking at buying green homes have done their homework and so selling them a green home isn’t that hard. They have concerns for reducing their footprint on the ecology and how they are impacting the environment and they understand how buying green homes can ease the global warming beyond their hybrid cars. Many times, a consumer looking at buying green homes are more informed than the home builder and will shop around for the home that has the greenest features.