Choose Clothing Made By Manufacturers That Choose To Go Green

By   August 8, 2015

go greenThe world is living more and more in an eco-friendly life, and with that lifestyle to go green, means wearing clothes that are eco-friendly as well. If you want to be a part of a fashion trend, choosing clothes that let you go green is the hottest trend these days.

When you decide to go green with your living habits and style, it is a conscious effort for not just an environmentally purpose but for a healthy life too. And today, there are more ways to you can achieve this go green trend too.

Let’s start with the basics at square one in your efforts to go green. When you walk out of a room, make sure anything you’ve turned on is turned off. All the years of your parent telling you that you’re running up the electric bill actually was serving another purpose too, we just didn’t realize it.  If you are going to use any type of spray product, choose one that is eco-friendly and shower instead of bathing to save water.

And On To Your Clothing To Go Green

Clothing that fits into your efforts to go green are actually in demand these days, hence, the new fashion trend we mentioned earlier. This doesn’t mean that you have to go blow your budget with a new wardrobe either. In fact, very little shopping is needed to get started with a wardrobe that allows you to go green. Your most greenest of clothing is the ones you own already!

Set your mind to think that there is no more need to buy, collect or make new clothing. Wearing your old clothes is one of the best ways to go green today. Give them a new life with new buttons, new brick-a-brack trimming or pair them with something from the season before. Mixing last year’s styles with this year’s styles is a fashionable go green statement that only you can make.

Those worn out t-shirts can make cute tank tops and turn your old capris into a skirt, shorten your long skirts to make a shorter skirt. And using a eco-friendly dye, you can change the color or blouses and shirts easy, giving you a “new” shirt that will let you go green with your wardrobe.

Go green with clothing that doesn’t require being dry-cleaned and washing your clothing in cold water then hanging dry. This will not only help the environment, but will make your clothing last longer too.