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D&O Litigation and Environmental Responsibilities

By   July 20, 2015

D&O coverageDirectors and Officers (D&O) are being put on the spot with recent litigation in regards to the alleged environmental risks that are by companies. Experts warn that risk managers ought to make sure that the T&C (terms and conditions) of the company’s environmental D&O coverage is enough to protect board directors and top executives from possible shareholder litigation.

Jacksonville, Florida, federal court filed a lawsuit in April against Jacksonville-based Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc., including its D&O, alleging that there was not adequate information disclosed to investors in regards to the environmental remediation from the specialty fiber maker.  Formerly a unit of Rayonier Inc., Rayonair Advanced Materials was handed over to shareholders last year. Continue reading »

Flying In The Sky On Solar Power?!

By   July 18, 2015

Solar PowerKapolei, Hawaii received the first landing of a solar power plane last week! The sun’s rays powered a plane on a 5 day Pacific Ocean journey from Japan and landing in Hawaii with pilot Andre Borschberg.

This small airport was the landing spot for a single-seat aircraft after a 118 hours, a record breaking nonstop solo flight. Steve Fossett is credited with the previous record of flying around the world in 2006 in a specially-designed jet after 76 hours in the air. Continue reading »