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Here Are The Green Jobs To Get In The Next 10 Years

By   December 22, 2015

Green JobsThe news is good for the next 10 years for farmers and urban planners. We are going to see massive investments in the area of clean energy, which is going to keep them in business. And for the green-tech entrepreneur, this will be your decade! Here are the green jobs that experts are saying the following are where the jobs will be. So if your soon-to-be graduate hasn’t chose their field yet, show them this list! Continue reading »

“Catalyst Award” Goes To Dell For Their Use Of Recycled Plastic in Their Products

By   December 6, 2015

green electronicWhen it comes to computers in the home and the office, Dell is a popular name on that landscape. They have made a lot of advancement in computer technology that we all use today, whether we realize it or not. And now, they have broken the news with being awarded the “2015 Catalyst Award”, making their mark on the green electronic news landscape too. Dell has earned this award by using recycled plastic that is 100 percent post-consumer generated for some of their specific components. Continue reading »

Tips For Green Living This Fall

By   November 2, 2015

Green LivingFall is already a month done and gone with the holidays ready to start rolling in next week. While time just flies by these days, we still need to practice green living habits and routines and now is just as good of a time as any to be sure we are doing as much green living as possible. Fall is the time of year that we all start getting prepared for the cold winter months ahead, which will include hibernating many days and nights. Continue reading »