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The K-Cups Are Killing Mother Earth

By   March 9, 2016

coffee cupsThere’s a good chance either you or somebody you know received a Keurig this past Christmas. The K-Cups are the hottest thing going (pun unintended) that give you that single-serve brewing coffee experience that’s almost like Starbucks.  It is estimated that 1 out 3 Americans has this pod-based machine in their home now.

The K-Cups, which is the pod that holds that coffee, generated almost $5 billion dollars for Keurig Green Mountain, the maker of the machine. Continue reading »

In Denmark, You Don’t Just Piss Your Beer Away!

By   February 4, 2016

beer festivalIn one of the oddest ways to go green, this past summer at Denmark’s Roskilde Beer Festival, over 100,000 attendees had an opportunity to make their own beer! And while it may seem well, gross, it is an interesting concept in recycling.

The organizers of the beer festival teamed up with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and together, they gathered hundreds and thousands of liters of pee from visitors at the festival. Their plan is to fertilize the building block-barley of beer. Continue reading »

Chick-Fil-A: Love Them For Their Food And Their Environmental Efforts

By   January 25, 2016

EnvironmentalSo not only does Chick-fil-A take a stand in the political arena that caused an uproar in recent memory, they are also breaking ground in Fort Worth Texas with a location that will be LEED® Gold certified. It is a test restaurant to see how successful this endeavor will, and if it is, there will be more LED restaurants to follow. Continue reading »