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Green Technology: Small Adjustments for Big Impact

By   March 6, 2014

Green Technology: Small Adjustments for Big ImpactIt may be difficult to retrofit an existing home or building to begin receiving its energy from wind or solar sources. However, while some sustainable living practices require significant changes in lifestyle and may seem rather costly, other types of sustainable green technology can be applied to life with little or no disruption. Small calculations can add up to big savings, which means that installing energy-saving technology in the home or small business may ultimately pay for itself over time.

Programmable Thermostats

Studies have shown that even turning the heat down at night by 5 degrees while the family sleeps will significantly reduce energy consumption. Green technology has allowed for thermostats which can be programmed to warm (or cool) the house while the family is home, but use less energy while the family is away or sleeping. This way you never need to remember to turn down the heat at night, it is done for you. Continue reading »

Green Technology: What is it?

By   March 6, 2014

Green Technology: What is it?Green technology is really more simple than it sounds. The general idea of green technology is that it produces “green” energy that is clean, helps with answers to solve inefficient and wasteful systems, and works to repair damages to the natural world. This range from something as complicated as solar or wind technology, to personal practices as simple as re-using water bottles. At the heart of green technology is sustainable development, which functions as a way to use the earth’s resources so that there will be plenty of supply available for future generations.

Alternative Energy Sources

Wind turbines, solar power, and hydrogen fuel cells may sound futuristic, but these are all practices which have been around for many years. These are all types of energy which are alternative to using fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which are ultimately in limited supply and often create pollution when utilized. Wind and sun offer an almost unlimited source to deliver clean energy far into the future. Continue reading »