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How do Solar Panels Work with the Sun to Help You?

By   June 23, 2019

Solar panels are manufactured by assembling photovoltaic (PV) cells. Photovoltaic cells are made by compressing together layers of semiconductors, usually silicon. Each layer will have varying electronic properties. When sunlight strikes the layers of semiconductors, they get energized, which in turn creates an electric field. This is because sunlight contains photons. The process in which electricity is created by photons is known as the photoelectric effect. It is from the photoelectric effect the electricity you need, comes from. Solar panels will typically be made in different sizes, according to the application. Obviously, the larger the panel, the more photovoltaic cells it will have and also the more wattage. In order to get maximum potential out of each panel, it needs to be pointed directly at the sun, without any interference.

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Green Energy Solutions

By   June 20, 2019

As far as green energy solutions go, especially in the context of energy production and consumption, the two that get the most attention is solar and wind energy. This is because, solar and wind energy are far less polluting and harmful to the environment, compared to most other alternatives. However, there is a third-way, energy can be produced, and it is called biomass energy.

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The Planet is Heating Up

By   May 29, 2019

Environmentalism, in all its different forms, is very popular today. Perhaps, not a single day goes by without the media talking about the effects of greenhouse gases on our home—planet earth. The basic premise of environmentalism is that unless humans change their living habits, the earth will change drastically through climate change. Even if there may be some disagreements in the scientific community as to how to tackle it, one thing they do agree on is that global warming is going to harm the planet, in ways humans cannot fully comprehend yet.

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