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Just How “Green” Is Your Lawn?

By   June 27, 2015

Green LawnYour lawn may look green, but most likely it isn’t. If you have used any chemicals on your lawn recently, you’ve taken the “green” of it. All that may have fed the grass and rid the weeds, but the rain and watering washed those chemicals into local lakes, rivers and streams. This harms fish, plants and other living things while it was going by. Continue reading »

The 3 Of The Best Recycled Building Materials For House Building

By   June 27, 2015

Recycled Building MaterialsToday there is a strong push for energy-efficient construction, in both commercial and residential building. For the builder side of this quest, their focus is the tight envelope, meaning the better a structure can keep out the rain and wind, the tighter the envelope. So when a builder can get that tight envelope using recycled building materials, then they have reached the ultimate in building.

And this brings us to disposable containers. While most people will agree that one of the biggest wastes we have are disposable containers, there are some things we need to consider as we wait for the laws to put in place that will ban them. Continue reading »

Eco Friendly Landscaping – It Is Easier Than You Think!

By   June 26, 2015

Eco FriendlyDo you want to help save the environment more than you already are? (Assuming you use cloth bags at the grocery store, recycling cans and plastics and all the common sense stuff.). How about going out in the backyard and look at some of the eco friendly design tips we have to offer here:

Not only will these tips help you go eco friendly, but it will give your backyard a greener landscape like you’ve always dreamed about. By re-configuring your outdoor space with the right materials and plants, you can be kind to Mother Nature, enjoy minimal maintenance and upkeep as well as enjoy the finished product. Continue reading »