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Tips On How To Stay Warm While Being Green

By   October 3, 2015

being greenAutumn, fall whatever you call this time of year has arrived. The colors are vibrant. The air is crisp and filled with wonderful smells of apple cider, fireplaces and pumpkin. On the downside, this means that winter is soon to arrive and that means cold weather with ice and snow are soon to arrive too. And this brings us to the topic of this conversation: stay warm and being green.

Here we have provided a few tips to help you stay warm while being green this winter. Continue reading »

What Are Some Natural Materials For Green Built Homes?

By   September 2, 2015

Green Built HomesThere are several techniques for green built homes, but what are some of the most often used natural materials? Here we will look at several materials that allow you to create a sustainable green built home that minimizes the ecological impact and footprint. These are non-industrial, locally available, minimally processed and renewable materials that utilize materials that are either recycled or they are salvaged.

Of course, these materials can vary based on the local climate and bioregion because those factors into what materials are appropriate just as the technique used with the materials are. Depending on the climate where the home is being built, a combination of the following products may be used for creating green built homes:  Continue reading »

Are Your Children’s Toys Safe for Them and Environmentally Safe Too?

By   August 16, 2015

Environmentally SafeWhen it comes to our children, parents are faced with multitudes of decisions for multitudes of things. Like their health and general well-being for starters. We make sure they are clothed, fed and safe. We make sure they are getting ample rest and a well-round life that provides them education, physical exercise and socialization with others. We do these things so they can go forth into the outside world and be successful human beings. Continue reading »