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It’s The Small Things We All Do That Make the Biggest Impact on Sustainability

By   January 17, 2016

Green technologyNo matter where you live or the size of house you live in, there are small things you can do to save energy and live a more energy efficient lifestyle. Even from the smallest suburban home to the tallest building in a bustling busy city, taking green steps are the same everywhere. Here are a few we know of right off and you can probably think of other as you go along. Continue reading »

Energy Efficiency With Window Treatments

By   November 28, 2015

Energy EfficiencyOne of the biggest things you can do for your home for energy efficiency is installing quality window treatments. It is said that when you do not have energy-efficient window treatments, you can lose up to 50% of your home’s cooling and heating energy through the windows.

Today, several of the larger brand names of window treatments have created, designed and manufactured some of the most energy-efficient shades, some are referred to as honeycomb shades, which as the name indicates, they are made in a honeycomb design and some have a honeycomb design within the honeycomb. Continue reading »

3 Vegetables For A Winter Home Garden

By   November 1, 2015

Home GardenFor those who like to grow a home garden for the vegetables and practice green living by growing their own food, winter is a dead time of the year. But, depending on where you live, it doesn’t have to be.

By being able to make use of your home garden during the winter months, can be fun and it is practical as well, allowing you to continue green living year round. Not only are you able to keep growing your vegetables for the purpose of healthier green living, but you will improve your home’s appearance on the exterior by utilizing your home garden area too. Continue reading »