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Going Green With Your Make-Up

By   August 5, 2015

Going GreenIt is easy today for going green with your make-up. Because of consumer awareness, the companies that manufacture make-up and other beauty products realize the need to create products that are organic and not chemical laden.

What consumers are going green, they need to look for in the list of ingredients on packaging of beauty products and make-up with organic ingredients listed first and minimal amount of chemicals listed next.  Many times ingredients are synthetic by-products and can cause more harm to the skin. Continue reading »

3 Beauty Tips To Go Green

By   July 30, 2015

Beauty Tips To Go GreenYour beauty regimen is your personal business, but if you’ll look at the process you go through, the products you buy, you’ll see how they affect everyone on Earth. We offer 6 beauty tips where you can go green and still have your personal regimen while contributing to the efforts of leaving less of a footprint on Earth too.

Every day we get bombarded by the cosmetic industry with various products that guarantee to make us look gorgeous, younger, thinner, etc. And we actually believe it and purchase those products. Then we purchase the next new product and another and another and so on. But are those products safe for your and are safe for the Earth? Continue reading »

How Eco-Friendly Is Your Make-Up?

By   June 27, 2015

Eco-Friendly Make-UpToday, there are many of us living the eco-friendly lifestyle. We consciously choose products that all natural, pure and free of toxins. But do we extend this desire to our make-up, skin care and our over all personal care products?

You may be thinking that there isn’t that much out there on the market for those items in an eco-friendly product. But surprising, we have found that there are quite a few companies that are manufacturing all natural, pure and toxin free products for our make-up, skin care and personal care items. Continue reading »