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How The Beauty Industry Has Transformed To Be A Green Living Industry

By   December 13, 2015

green livingHow often are you getting your hair and make-up done for work and realize you should have been doing this all along? You know that awesome health & beauty trick that is making you look absolutely stunning? As technology improves in the world and becomes more geared toward green living, so do our health & beauty regimens and trick. Continue reading »

All Natural Beauty Products That Are Green Friendly

By   September 27, 2015

Natural Beauty ProductsIn days past, the beauty trends has included multi colors of eye-shadows, nail polishes and all kinds of things that led to an overflowing make-up bag. As we get older, we tend to try to minimize our beauty regimen. Perhaps it is because we become a mother and have a full time job or simply just to make life easier.

Regardless the reason, today, we are also trying to be more environmentally friendly. And with that being said, we have a list of natural beauty products you can replace those store bought products with. Leads to less accumulation while helping the environment, which is always a good thing. Continue reading »