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Do Your Part For The Environment And Go Green

By   July 2, 2015

Go GreenDoes the state of the environment and the concerns about global warming have you worried? Who hasn’t heard or read something about how the Earth is in trouble? Do you think that just one person like you could make a difference? Well you can do things that help more than you think and it may be easier than you think too by making the effort to Go Green.

Yes, it can be overwhelming when you think about things like buying solar panels for your home or going out and buying a new hybrid vehicle. And who wants to only eat organic food? Everyone needs a chocolate bar or pizza from time to time!  We are going to offer you some tips on how you can make a few minor changes that will make some major changes for our environment. They are small steps, but they are powerful steps in the efforts to Go Green: Continue reading »

Going Green Saves The Environment And Saves You Money!

By   June 22, 2015

green technology ideasDo realize that by going green, you are not only saving the environment, but you’ll save money too? The environment part is for all of us but the saving money part is all yours! So if you have been one of those people that selfishly worries about your own comfort instead of what you’re doing for the rest of us with the Earth, we have some green technology ideas to share with you.

Next to hearing about being green and going green, the other big topic is the climate change. Lucky for you, the following green technology ideas and tips we have to recommend will help all of those things and, like we said earlier, save you money too. And best of all, they are easy and simple! Continue reading »