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It Is Time To End Your Relationship With Plastic And Go Green.

By   September 17, 2015

Go GreenOkay, so maybe you aren’t quite ready to totally go green and call it off with plastic, but if you can cut back on some of your uses of plastic, it can make a world of difference for the world. The more you recycle plastics, the less that gets in the ecosystem, landfills and waterways, but only so many types of plastics are recyclable. And what’s more, what is recycled takes more energy and more water that actually makes it questionable if it is worthwhile in some city governments. Continue reading »

Going Green In The Bathroom

By   September 8, 2015

Going Green In The BathroomYou may not realize it but your bathroom is one of the best and easiest places for going green in your home. One of our most valuable resources is the main focus in there: Water. Couple that with another resource we use a lot of: Electricity. And then when you think about all the chemicals, ingredients and perfumed products stuff in there, it is actually like a toxic waste zone. Continue reading »