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Is Your Company Wasting Energy? Maybe It’s Time To Go Green!

By   January 27, 2016

go greenMore and more people around the world are realizing and understanding that the natural resources in the world are not endless. We are also starting to realize just how much we waste these natural resources like fuel and water and we’re trying to find more ways to go green. But one resource that more of us need to realize the waste is energy, especially in the workplace.

For the business that is trying to cut back on expenses, the energy use is one of the biggest expenses. Continue reading »

Green Living From The Roof Tops To The Inside

By   December 24, 2015

Green LivingEveryone is looking for green living ways to do two things: Save money. Save the earth. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to paint your rooftop white. For areas of the country that have more hot weather, this will reflect heat and save you money in cooling during the summer months.

Another option is to plant a roof garden. This is bringing the green living back to the urban areas actually and will also help insulate the building or home during the winter months. Continue reading »

How You Can Go Green While Going To College

By   September 20, 2015

Go GreenGoing to college doesn’t mean you can’t go green still. In fact, there are many campuses that have construction projects in place for facilities that are energy-efficient. And as well, many other colleges are looking for ways they can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions on campus. But what can you do as a student? Well let’s take a look at some suggestions:

Be A Consumer That Is Informed

Just like at home, go green and turn off things you aren’t using and utilize that smart strip you bought that turns off the peripherals when your computer goes to sleep.  Continue reading »