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Going Green In The Kitchen In 6 Inexpensive Ways

By   July 29, 2015

Going Green In The KitchenBy creating a kitchen that is healthy, you are going green too, which helps both you and our planet. And who could pass on up on the opportunity to do both, right?  And you don’t have to do it all at one. You don’t have to blow your budget doing it either.

Take it day-by-day, little-by-little and start building habits in the kitchen that will protect the Earth’s air and water which is used by the land where much of our food comes from, which goes into our bodies. See the chain of events?  Take a look at these 6 ways you can start going green in your kitchen: Continue reading »

6 Ways To Minimize Food Packaging Waste

By   June 28, 2015

Food Packaging WasteAre you aware that food packaging waste makes up approximately two-thirds of America’s total packaging waste? While you’re eating healthier with cheese stick snacks and yogurt for breakfast, those containers and wrappers are going right to the landfills. That is a lot of food packaging waste and more methane gas in the air.

Today there are companies that have become aware of food packaging waste there is though and they are taking steps to minimize it on their end with things like edible wrappers. But that isn’t enough folks. We need more individuals to pitch in and for that, we offer the following tips: Continue reading »

Your Green Cooking Habits & Styles

By   June 27, 2015

Green Cooking Habits & StylesEating what you have at home, no matter what your skill level may be, is a money saver. But it can be a more environmental saver too by making a few modifications to your habits, methods and style. We’re going to look at a few tactics for Green Cooking that will help you minimize waste, use less energy and water and even make less noise in the process.

Your Oven: If you are only cooking in small quantities, the full size oven is wasting a lot of energy. One train of thought is the smaller the meal, the smaller the appliance. Get a toaster oven for those one or two person meals. Continue reading »