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What Makes A Kitchen Environmentally Friendly?

By   August 20, 2015

environmentally friendlyWhen it comes time to upgrade your kitchen, making smart choices in energy-efficient appliances will benefit you and are environmentally friendly too. Here we offer you some view points on appliances so that you can make smart choice and make you kitchen environmentally friendly too. Continue reading »

Which Cookware Is Best For Green Cooking?

By   August 11, 2015

Green CookingThere are a lot of benefits to using non-stick cookware, such as needing less oil, making preparations of a healthier meal possible. But when it comes to green cooking cookware, the Teflon coating that is the non-stick surface is a controversial issue as to whether or not it is harmful when heated or not.

So the question you have to ask, why use it if they can’t prove beyond a doubt that it is a safe way for cooking? Especially when there is plenty of cookware out there that is safe to cook with and provides a green cooking method too.  Today, we’re going to take a look at 6 different brands of cookware that are known for their contribution to green cooking: Continue reading »

Get A Modern Look In A Green Kitchen With The Cabinetry

By   August 9, 2015

Green KitchenOne item that has gained popularity in efforts of having a green kitchen is cabinetry made from bamboo. It is a sustainable resource and when it comes to bamboo cabinetry, the biggest advantage is their longevity. In 10 years, 15 years and even 20 years bamboo cabinetry will look just as good as the day they are installed.

While homeowners are looking for ways to have a green kitchen and have not considered bamboo as a material need to be aware that it is a grass, not wood from a tree.  Bamboo grass grows to maturity in 7 years where oak, pine and walnut trees can take many, many more years, thus affecting the environment. Continue reading »