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5 Ways You Can Dress To Be Eco-Friendly

By   July 31, 2015

Eco-FriendlyAre you one of those goes out and buys the new fashion styles that come from Los Angeles, New York and Paris? What do you do with your old clothes then?  Instead of going with the new fashion trends this next season, go with the new eco-friendly trends. Yes, fashion can be eco-friendly and still look good.

Other than just being eco-friendly, dressing green will give you a style that is all yours. Here are 5 ways you can accomplish both a keen fashion sense and dress eco-friendly too: Continue reading »

Eco-Friendly Clothing = Inside and Out – Part 2

By   June 27, 2015

Eco-Friendly ClothingIn our last blog, we discussed the disposable world we live in today and how clothing isn’t made to last anymore. The styles come and go. And in order for clothing manufacturing to keep up with the styles, they use cheap materials and low cost labor.

The cheap materials are where the concern of clothing not being eco-friendly, meaning they aren’t treated with chemicals and they come from places we know are regulated. We discussed 4 different types of fabrics and today, we continue with 5 more fabrics that are considered eco-friendly. Continue reading »

Eco Friendly Clothing = Inside and Out

By   June 27, 2015

Eco Friendly ClothingYears ago, many years ago, clothing was made to last and styles never went out of style. Today though, to keep up with fashion trends and stay affordable, manufacturers have resorted to cheap fabrics and low paying jobs to make cheap clothing.  Our wardrobes have become disposable in other words.

Fortunately today we have clothing that is being made from eco friendly fabrics, making them self-proclaimed green and sustainable.  As a concerned consumer, how can you know if you are purchasing clothing that is made from sustainable fabrics? Continue reading »