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Green Friendly Ways To Dry Clothing

By   October 2, 2015

Green Friendly Ways To Dry ClothingThe clothes dryer is one of the highest energy users in your home and is probably one of the most used ones too. Whether you have an electric or a gas dryer, it is using energy sources that we need to conserve. So while we need to dry clothing after washing, we need to find green friendly ways to do that.

Not only do clothes dryers use those natural resources our electricity and gas, they also slowly destroy your clothing in the process. That is pieces of your clothes that you are getting out the lint filter. Yes, really. And by using a dryer to dry clothing, you’re also putting more dust in the air, which can be affecting your breathing. Continue reading »

Support The Clothing Manufactures That Are Offering Us Green Clothes

By   August 13, 2015

Green ClothesIf you have made the commitment to go green in every aspect of your life that is available, then green clothes are probably your preferred choice of clothing. Designers like Stella McCartney who has made a total commitment to green clothes and they can be accessorized with Clare Vivier’s accessories that are environmentally friendly.

And as the world goes more green driven, there are green clothes being designed and manufactured on the market and taking over the clothing industry slowly but surely.  Let’s take a look at some labels that are up and coming or have arrived and are here now: Continue reading »

Choose Clothing Made By Manufacturers That Choose To Go Green

By   August 8, 2015

go greenThe world is living more and more in an eco-friendly life, and with that lifestyle to go green, means wearing clothes that are eco-friendly as well. If you want to be a part of a fashion trend, choosing clothes that let you go green is the hottest trend these days.

When you decide to go green with your living habits and style, it is a conscious effort for not just an environmentally purpose but for a healthy life too. And today, there are more ways to you can achieve this go green trend too. Continue reading »