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Be A Clothes Minimalist In 5 East Steps

By   October 15, 2016

Are you getting on board with going green and being more sustainable with your possession here on Earth? One place to work on that you probably haven’t thought about is your closet!  Think about it for a minute. Clothes are a huge part of your life and many of us have way more than we need.

Here 5 steps you can to simplify your wardrobe which will simplify your life and create a higher quality living. You too can become a nomad eco-fashionista and curate a wardrobe of clothes that is sustainable: Continue reading »

Just How Green Are Your Blue Jeans?

By   January 19, 2016

Green JeansThe blue jean manufacturing industry pulls in more than $10 billion dollars annually. That is from selling more than one billing pairs of jeans annually. And as a product that is considered to be made from ‘natural’ products, there are several green environmental issues that surround the industry.

Blue jeans, which aren’t just ‘blue’ anymore, are mostly made of denim material, which comes from cotton.  Indigo dye is used on the “blue-jeans”, and red jeans are from red dye, brown from brown die, etc., etc. It is the dyeing and manufacturing process of these blue-jeans that is wreaking havoc on the green environment. Continue reading »