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What Environmental Risks Do Your Health And Beauty Practices Have?

By   December 26, 2016

Did you know that the manufacturing of health and beauty products can have an effect on our environment? Even with the products marked “all natural” on the label, there are risks that we should be concerned about.

By adding some natural substances to any product with the chemicals, a company can legally label their product as “all natural”. Continue reading »

Green Ways Can Help With Your Food and Cooking This Winter

By   November 20, 2016

When winter comes around, it can be easy to get lazy.  There is nothing better than to curl up on the sofa, drink hot chocolate and watch movies while we’re munching out on food you’ve been cooking. But that isn’t the healthiest way to live, we all know that.   Here, we are going offer you some suggestions and tips on things you can do to keep that healthy summer motivation going all winter: Continue reading »

Tips To Garden The Sustainable Way Around Your Home

By   October 27, 2016

“Go Green” and “Sustainability” are common catch phrases today. They are all about the right thing to.  And that includes in your gardens and your home. Here, we are going to provide tips on how to be sustainable with your home garden:

Water Conservation and Control

Your garden is planted with intentions of enjoying the beauty as well as the bounty.  So get the most from you can while contributing to the sustainability of Earth. A drip irrigation system and/or soaker hoses will use less water than oscillating sprinklers. Continue reading »