“Catalyst Award” Goes To Dell For Their Use Of Recycled Plastic in Their Products

By   December 6, 2015

green electronicWhen it comes to computers in the home and the office, Dell is a popular name on that landscape. They have made a lot of advancement in computer technology that we all use today, whether we realize it or not. And now, they have broken the news with being awarded the “2015 Catalyst Award”, making their mark on the green electronic news landscape too. Dell has earned this award by using recycled plastic that is 100 percent post-consumer generated for some of their specific components. The 2015 Catalyst Award was presented to Dell Inc. by the non-profit Green Electronics Council, also known as GEC.

The intention and purpose of this international Catalyst Award is to celebrate real environmental accomplishments throughout the lifecycle of today’s green electronic technologies with innovative solutions. Dell was presented the award at a recent Emerging Green Conference. The conference is a foremost gathering of leaders in the international technology sector where they discuss the advances in sustainable electronics. The leaders at this conference also discuss the challenges and the future of green electronic technology. The Catalyst Award and the conference are both organized by GEC.

GEC goal is to stimulate and support a circular economy that pursues the obliteration of waste by conscientious design, manufacturing, usage, and how components and their end products are handled, an area that Dell Inc. is known as a trailblazer. They are producing new green electronic products that feature content which is recycled from old and no longer used Dell electronic devices. Dell has used over 4 million pounds of closed-loop, recycled-content plastic in over 30 products from around the world. As such, the company has made turning waste into a resource of value.

There was a 3rd party judge involved in choosing Dell Inc. for this award which was the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). There were ten finalists up for the award as the association assessed measurable and qualitative evidence to decide the winner. Other companies that were in the running were Energy Star, Hewlett-Packard, and Toshiba America Business Solutions. While Dell Inc. was awarded this year’s award, all these organizations have made great strides in the three r’s for the green electronics field: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling.