Before You Buy A Pre-Fab Homes – There Are Things You Need To Know

By   August 17, 2015

pre-fab homesIf you have a parcel of raw land, pre-fab homes offer a many benefits for you. However, no matter how great they may be for the ecology, they aren’t for just anyone and everyone.

Subjective to the complexity or the simplicity of the pre-fab home, build time can take 3 to 4 months before it is ready to be occupied. Now when you compare that to the more traditional home building, which takes from 9 to 12 months that alone will tell you pre-fab homes are the way to go.

Pre-fab homes are built in a factor where they are inspected every step of the way. In this manner, they can be built regardless of the weather conditions. Then the modules are transported to the home site and assembly takes approximately 3 days to complete.

Then the additional work is done to get it move-in ready such as pouring of the driveway, installing the electrical and plumbing, the grading of the property and the landscaping. Once all of that is completed and all inspections are passed, a certificate of occupancy is issued.

The Cost Of Pre-Fab Homes

When you approach a pre-fab home builder, you will be quoted a base price. That price will include the factory construction and the transportation to your home-site. It will include setting the home up and securing to the foundation. All of this will make it seem as if you are getting a better deal than with a site-built home.

Pre-fab home builders typically have basic floor plans and finishes, which you can tweak and upgrade at additional costs. That of course is typical of a site-built home in a development are too.  However, it is the additional things that will start adding up with a pre-fab home.

The additional costs you’ll incur with a pre-fab home purchase are things like septic system install which can run as much as $10,000 depending on the area you live. The utility hook-ups are not included in the base price of a pre-fab home and if the land needs to be cleared and leveled where you want your pre-fab home that is additional expense as well.

Pre-Fab Homes Are Durable

In 1992 after a Category 5 hurricane hid Dade County, Florida, FEMA reported that there was fairly minimal structural damage in the developments where pre-fab homes were situated. Pre-fab homes hold up in the most extreme of weather conditions compared to site-built homes.

Yes, Pre-Fab Homes Can Be Remodeled

After you buy your dream home, things can change. Your family can grow making the current layout of your pre-fab home insufficient for your needs.  As well, appliances, colors and styles change for bathrooms and kitchens and updating a pre-fab home is totally possible.

When Selling A Pre-Fab Home, Patience Is A Must

Regardless that cities, communities and states have established stricter building codes and standards for pre-fab homes, and there have been vast improvements in them, they still have an unfavorable reputation. Many people still confuse pre-fab homes with mobile homes and therefore believe that the pre-fab homes aren’t as sturdy as the traditional site-built homes. There is still the belief that pre-fab homes cannot be customized either. These misconstrued ideas can make it difficult to sell your pre-fab home later on.