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These Homes Are Made From Natural Materials That Offer Sustainability Like No Other

By   December 10, 2016

The construction of houses today can run in the hundreds of thousands or more. And once they are built, there cost they have on our monthly expenses and the environment is higher. Which is why there are more and more people are looking for ways to build with natural materials that offer sustainability.

They want to lessen the impact on their monthly budget while easing the impact on the day-to-day damage to the environment. Continue reading »

Green Technology Holiday Lights That Would Make Clark Griswold Proud

By   December 3, 2016

This holiday season is going to be lit up different from coast to coast, thanks to the advances in green technology.  The lighting technology that is coming out on the market will give you more creative ways to deck and light up your halls and outdoors.

Those standard white incandescent lights and the animatronic elves, reindeer, and Santa are going to be old news. Continue reading »

Hydro-Power: What You May Or May Not Know And Should Know

By   November 30, 2016

While we know not use electricity while standing in water, i.e. drying your hair while standing in the bathtub, hydro-power is the method of using moving water to generate electricity. But hydro-power contradicts that in every way possible. For thousands of years, water has been used or energy. Such as when water wheels were used for grinding corn and wheat using tidal water and river water to power the millstones and sawmills. Continue reading »