Air Dryer Or Paper Towel – Which Is Best For Green Living?

By   November 27, 2015

Green LivingWhen you use the restroom in a public place that offers both the air dryer and paper towels, which one do you use? Do you have a preference?  Which one do you feel is the best choice for green living? Well it can be on how you look at things, which we are going to do here:

Which Is The Safer Choice

If safety to you is sanitary, the choice would probably be the paper towels. Urban myth tells us that there is all kinds of bacteria that blow out of those air dryers but experts will tell you that are nothing more than a myth. Scientist will tell you there is absolutely no evidence that supports that theory and that it is the friction of skin-on-skin when using air hand dryers that is the unsanitary part of them.

How so? Well when you rub your hands together under those air dryers, you are releasing germs that are living below your skin’s surface. This doesn’t happen when you are rubbing your hands with paper towels.  So if being environmentally conscious and practicing green living, simply keep a baggie with you where you can store your used paper towels until you get home. Then place them in your compost pile. at home.

The Environmentally Friendly Green Living Choice

Still yet, more people will still tell you that those air dryers are more environmentally friendly and green living choice you can make.  With more than three thousand tons of paper towels ending up in landfills annually, it can be hard to argue that too.  But we must also consider the fact that those air hand dryers do need electricity to operate, so they aren’t 100% enviro-friendly toward green living efforts. And how often have you ended up wiping your hands dry on your pants or shirt because the air dryer isn’t getting them dry? That is even more of a germ-fest simply because wet hands attract germs and create a breeding ground for more germs. Yuck!

So Which Choice Is The Responsible Choice For Green Living?

In regards to being enviro-friendly and safest, hands-down if you will, the air dryers win. However, you need to keep holding your hands there until dry and avoid the temptation to rub your hands together. And be sure to let them completely dry there or you’re doing nothing more than spreading germs.