Advanced Biofuels and Geothermal Energy Making Way To The Future With An Impact

By   July 12, 2015

BiofuelsThere is a staggering amount of green technology that is under development today, such as the alternative energy technologies. And corporations, government and venture capitalist have collectively poured billions of dollars to support it. Sorting between what is substantial and what is nothing more than fluff is a challenge with all the noise and propaganda in the alternative energy sector.

Two Of The Largest Impacts

Advanced Biofuels:  This technology, in the way of transportation fuels could replace Ethanol.  Advanced Biofuels is produced mainly from cellulose or non-food crops. So by not using food crops and the land they are grown for production, it lessens the need to raise food prices.  Advanced Biofuels can be a drop-in replacement for fuels that are petroleum-derived and seamlessly replace fossil fuels. This is a domestic source for fuel and can replace the vehicles that run on petroleum-derived gas and diesel.

Geothermal Power: This could be the world’s least technology even though the principle supporting geothermal technology is understood.  The scientific part isn’t new either. Just walk into a cave that is approximately six to eight feet deep. The temperature will remain a constant fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. This technology could use that constant underground temperature to keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

By having water or other liquid circulating through pipes that are buried in the backyard, this technology is straightforward and will bring the cooling and heating inside the home. In the winter, a heat exchange could be set up inside and then the constant cool temperature that is just lying underground in the backyard would be tapped into to turn it into heat. The requirements for electricity and gas heating would be reduced.

World Wide Benefits

All around the world, countries can be moved to bigger renewable energy resources with these two technologies of Advanced Biofuel and Geothermal Power.