A Rubber Floor In Your Home’s Garage Is Excellent For Green Living Efforts

By   December 7, 2015

Rubber Floor In Your GarageAs a homeowner, you may wonder what type of flooring material to use in the garage of your home to maintain a green living status. The standard in most homes today is a cement or concrete flooring, but are they eco-friendly by today’s standards of green living? Fortunately today, we have many different options to choose from, each having its list of pros and cons to be considered.

Furthermore, with the trends today going towards selecting materials that are eco-friendly with a product that is suitable for green living standards and is a durable, strong material, it is important to know the different options beforehand and understand what benefits they offer to green living for your home.

A product that is taking the home and garden scene by storm is rubber flooring for the garage. Experts and those who have jumped on board and installed it are saying it is an ideal material for garage flooring. Conversely though, what type of rubber is used for garage flooring for the average home is directly connected to the effect that it will have on our efforts of a green living environment. Whether the rubber material used is within the green-ness range is dependent upon the production source, how it is manufactured and how it is delivered to your home.

 The Different Types

 Natural Rubber Flooring

Natural rubber is a material that is manufactured from rubber tree sap, commonly known as Hevea brasiliensis. The latex-type of sap is an all-natural product, which is found naturally in other plants and living things like dandelions, fig trees, and lettuce. This is truly a green living material when you look at where it comes from.

What makes the natural rubber that comes from the para rubber trees an excellent  choice for green living standards in your home is that it is a renewable source because each season, more trees can be planted. They are commonly found in Africa and in South East Asia as well as the rainforest in the Amazon. Thus the transportation of these trees so that the rubber can be drained should be considered in regards to the environmental aspects and if it is having a negative impact on green living standards. It is good ecological sense to use natural rubber for the flooring in the garage of your home however, if latex is a concern for anyone that is allergic, the possible health problems need to be considered as well.

 Synthetic Rubber Flooring

Rubber which is made from petroleum products is referred to as synthetic rubber which is the least in eco-friendly types of rubber. It is not the product of choice for a home that is focused on green living standards because it is not made from a renewable source. But, the impact to manufacture this synthetic rubber is minimal to the environment and it is energy efficient as well. A big plus in its favor is the durability and it is a long lasting material, and as such, that can balance the finite resources which are consumed in manufacturing the material.