A Few Green Things You Can Do

By   April 12, 2015

Green TechnologyIt isn’t anything new to hear: Our lifestyles today are damaging the planet. Everywhere we turn today, somebody is showing us ways we can be more green. Like reducing our consumption of natural resources and minimizing our waste. We have realized in the past few years that we have only one Mother Earth and we have to take care of her today so she’ll be here tomorrow.

For the most part, our food is contained in some sort of packaging that we throw away. There is more and more it that is recyclable today, but we still have too much that isn’t.  Junk mail like advertisements and unwanted credit card applications fill our mailboxes, which end up in the trash.

We have finally started getting smarter with our cars and while many on the road still burn gas, we now have options of electric and hydrogen vehicles today. There is still so much we can do to lessen our waste and be kinder to Mother earth.

Organic Buys

Its not only better for Mother Earth, but better for us too when we buy from organic farms or grow our own. These are planted from non-GMO seeds and there are no toxic pesticides either.

Cloth Bags

Just by buying and using one reusable cloth bag, you are keeping hundreds of plastic bags out of the waste. When one shopper sees another using cloth, they become more likely to use cloth and so on and so on.

Green Supplies

Buying products for beauty and household purpose that are all natural and non-toxic aren’t just better for Mother Earth, but you too. Buy only products that themselves or the packaging they come that are made from materials that are biodegradable and recyclable and you can do your part of contributing to saving the environment.

Gardens and Trees

If you never tried, you don’t know what you can do. Plant a garden in the back yard, front yard or on the roof top, even on your balcony. The more foliage you have around your home, the better your utility bills and the planet.  Every tree you plant will help clean the air and make it better for everyone.