7 Steps You Can Take To Be Eco-Friendly

By   June 28, 2015

Eco-FriendlyHumans are destroying the Earth. This is what scientist has told us for years and they have some overwhelming statistics to support that claim. Between the climate change, extinction of many things, pollution and a myriad of other ways, it is a dismal reality that we need to pay more attention to and make the effort to be more eco-friendly.

On the corporate and government front, there are more dramatic changes that can make the biggest differences. And while just one person recycling, re-purposing and walking instead of driving won’t make it all better, everyone that does will make a difference collectively.

Let’s take a look at 7  steps we can all make an eco-friendly contribution to saving the planet:

Scale Back Personal Vehicle Use

Many Americans have begun biking, walking or taking public transportation and driving less to save money. At the same though, they have contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gases which are big part of our climate change.

Here are some other steps we can take to drive even less than that:

Begin Cycling: Have you noticed the snazzy cyclist gear lately? Bike helmets that are invisible; light up gloves in more. So if you have a concern about looking like a nerd riding a bike everywhere, it’s the cool way to get around now.

Walk It: As we’ve mentioned already, walking is one of the most eco-friendly choices we can make. No, we can’t totally do without a mode of transportation, but the more we can and do, the more eco-friendly we’ll be.

Go Public: So maybe you aren’t always able to take public transportation, but when you can, you should. If one person with a round trip totally 20 miles to and from work will go public, they can minimize the carbon dioxide emissions by almost 5,000 pounds a year.

Join Forces: Instead of going it alone back and forth to work, or even other places, carpool. Emission is reduced by 10 percent when two people ride together for on a fifty mile round-trip. Being eco-friendly with a friend can make it more fun and powerful

All Errands At Once: Besides carpooling, cycling and public transportation there are things you can do to with your vehicle to help too. Combine your errands to the bank, dry cleaners, grocery store and mall.

Virtual Shopping: Get that holiday shopping and other types of shopping done online. Not only are you avoiding crowds, but you’ll be eco-friendly too contributing less to the emissions and saving gas.

Working from Home: It is becoming more popular in this country to work from home from the employee’s stand point. The gas saved from going in to the office is the most obvious. However, experts tell us that when we work from home, we actually are using more electricity than if we were at the office. They recommend creating a co-working space where several telecommuters can work together will save more energy.

Our Takeaway

Keep in mind that what is important here it that we are trying to save our planet. If you don’t start now, when will you? Minimize your driving and park a few block away – not only is it eco-friendly, but good exercise too!