7 Green Ways To Unclog That Toilet!

By   July 11, 2015

Green WaysWell darn!  The toilet is clogged again! Not the best way to start the day or end the night.  Not really a good thing any time.  We’re going to give you 7 green ways to get that toilet unclogged and back to smooth flowing and flushing in no time!

Tapping Trick

The flushing trouble usually happens with the first or second flush. This is the perfect time to do the tap trick. On the back of the bowl, forcefully tap with your bare foot or shoes. Amazingly, almost 70 percent of toilet clogs are minor and this simple tapping will dislodge the problem. This isn’t just one of the green ways to unclog, it is easy and no purchase necessary!

Hot Water Trick

When the magic tapping doesn’t work, quickly pour a bucket or pail of hot tap water into the toilet. A minor clog is cleared with just one or two gallons. The trick is to pour the hot tap water quickly but not where it will splash all over the place.  If this green way doesn’t work, try one of the next green ways we’re listing here!

Basic Household Products

Next to the family dog, baking soda and vinegar is man’s best friend. You probably already know that you can pour one cup of each baking soda and vinegar down your kitchen sink will unclog it, so why not unclog a toilet? This mixture won’t do any good if toilet bowl is full of water though. You’ll have to move on to one of the other green ways we’ve listed here.

Boiling Water and Dish Liquid Detergent

You may have to boil a pan of water to get it hot enough for this green way of unclogging the toilet. Add approximately ¼ cup of a green dish detergent into the toilet and let it sit while you wait on the water to heat up. This will lubricate whatever is lodged in there clogging the toilet. Then carefully poor in the hot water in and hope for the best! Be careful pouring the hot water so that you don’t burn yourself with splashing hot water.

Kicking It Old School

When these 4 things haven’t worked yet, you may have to go old school with the plunge and flush way. Yeah, it is messy but the plunger is a tried-n-true staple of the American household since … well when toilets started clogging I guess? For the best plunging suction you must flush and plunge at the same time.

The Rubber Gloves

If you just aren’t getting anywhere with the green ways we’ve listed so far, dang! And if you can be made to puke easily, then get somebody else to help you with this one. There are times when something so bi gets lodged, it has to be handled by hand.

Snake It Out

So none of these green ways worked? Well head to the hardware store and for about $25 you can buy a toilet snake. No, it isn’t an actual snake and the clerk should be able to direct you to the right area to find one. It is around $25 investment, but you’ll always have it and as one of the green ways to unclog the toilet means it is chemical free!

These green ways of unclogging a toilet avoid the harsh chemicals that get into our water systems and they fairly easy to do.  If none of these work though, you’ll have to call a plumber.