Safety Flares Going Eco Friendly Now

By   July 22, 2015

Safety Flares Going Eco FriendlyOut of Eastland, Maryland, Eco Friendly Safety Flares have been introduced by manufacturer Orion Safety Products. Not only are these flares easier and safer to use, easier and safer to store but they are environmentally friendly too.  The new flare is safer, easier to use and store, and better for the environment.

There are several advantages distinctly related to this new flare in comparison to the traditional flares. Beginning with its formula which eradicates 100% of the potassium perchlorate that goes up when the flare is engaged. So no longer will the law enforcement and other safety professionals need to be concerned about controlling the chemicals being put into the atmosphere.

The new flare also has an easy light cap that doesn’t have the loose red phosphorous found in the traditional flare. This minimizes any sparking and splattering that happens while lighting it.

Without the red phosphorus flaking, it makes these Eco Friendly Flares safer in storage too. They are now packaged in re-sealable EZ Store Box, in a plastic pouch which ensures a longer shelf life and maximizes performance. The new flare replaces Orion’s current flare and the new one is currently being shipped to customers.