6 Ways To Minimize Food Packaging Waste

By   June 28, 2015

Food Packaging WasteAre you aware that food packaging waste makes up approximately two-thirds of America’s total packaging waste? While you’re eating healthier with cheese stick snacks and yogurt for breakfast, those containers and wrappers are going right to the landfills. That is a lot of food packaging waste and more methane gas in the air.

Today there are companies that have become aware of food packaging waste there is though and they are taking steps to minimize it on their end with things like edible wrappers. But that isn’t enough folks. We need more individuals to pitch in and for that, we offer the following tips:

Carry The Cup:  Americans are caffeine obsessed and that leads us to approximately 500 disposable cups headed to the landfills each year. Of all the places you can make a difference in food packaging waste, this is the biggest area you can. Simply start using your own cup and ask your local coffee shop if there is a discount for using the same cup! Yes, even some Starbucks are honoring that step toward minimizing food packaging waste.

Bulk It Up: And we aren’t talking about the gym. We are talking about our food shopping routines. One reusable shopping bag will take 5 plastic ones out of the environment. And if you’ll buy your foods in large quantity like cereals, chips and pasta, you’ll minimize food packaging waste by having less bags and boxes to toss.

Metal Is Money: If you bake, stay away from those new pans that are made of disposable aluminum tin.  This isn’t reducing food packaging waste but adding to the landfills.  Go with ceramic, glass or metal instead.

Get Loose and Naked: One source of food packaging waste is buying your tea in individual tea bags. For a small investment, you can get a tea infuser and buy loose tea leaves. They store better, taste better and you’ll have less food packing waste too.  Buy naked products, meaning products that have little to no packaging or are packaged in recycled materials. Don’t get the plastic bags for your fruits and veggies if they don’t need it. Your apples, grapes and oranges do, but that one onion you can skip that bag.

Re-purpose and Reuse:  Don’t toss that empty peanut butter jar! No matter whether it is glass or plastic, it can be reused somewhere else, like storing all that bulk stuff you’re going to start buying. And that bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts can be reused in a creative way. If you can’t, then take them to the local school and the art teacher will find use for them.

Forget the Forks: If you are taking that call-in dinner home or to the office to eat, don’t grab a plastic fork or spoon. Use what you have there and keep that food packaging waste out of the landfills.