6 Places Solar Power Use May Surprise You

By   January 20, 2016

solar powerEven though the recession has somewhat slowed down, when it comes to finding and using technology for alternative energy, the rise is still growing rapidly. Everything from biofuel, solar power, and wind power all has a bright future ahead and for business owners and homeowners, this is good news. More and more technology is being invented for these alternative sources like solar power to be used in places that are as sunny as other and there is impressive growth in those areas.

It isn’t any surprise to us that California is the biggest user of solar power. In fact, one of the biggest utilities in southern California, PG&E, has reported that it has as many as 40% of the solar panels in America. And South Florida is next in line when it comes to using more solar power than anywhere else in this country. Likewise, solar power has a strong presence in the Phoenix area as well.

The concern that holds higher use of solar power is shading, meaning the lack of sun in many areas. And there is a concern with the cost to make those improvements too. Going solar power is a big decision and it seems complicated to most people. But what we’re finding out slowly but surely, it isn’t as expensive or as hard as people think. We are starting to see an increase in neighborhoods going with solar panel leasing plans by pooling their resources together and getting hefty group discounts.

How is Customer Interest Determined?

 When it comes to solar power, consumer interest is based on several factors. First being the sun’s availability and next are the political and social values. Then there is the concern of how much disposable income is needed to go solar power. But more significant than any of these things, is what local and state incentives are available.

Seattle based company, Cooler Planet, is a company staffed with environmentalists that have one goal in mind: “Over time, we aim to provide you all the tools and resources you need to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, your business, and your life.”

The company receives inquires on a daily basis about how to go with alternative energy like solar power and they have created an interactive map. They match up business owners and homeowners with companies that are considered to be green professionals. Here are the 6 areas that they are getting the most requests:

  • Chicago
  • Minnesota
  • The Rust Belt: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
  • Southeast Appalachians: Carolinas, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
  • Upstate New York
  • Washington State