5 Ways You Can Dress To Be Eco-Friendly

By   July 31, 2015

Eco-FriendlyAre you one of those goes out and buys the new fashion styles that come from Los Angeles, New York and Paris? What do you do with your old clothes then?  Instead of going with the new fashion trends this next season, go with the new eco-friendly trends. Yes, fashion can be eco-friendly and still look good.

Other than just being eco-friendly, dressing green will give you a style that is all yours. Here are 5 ways you can accomplish both a keen fashion sense and dress eco-friendly too:

Instead of New – Renew

Before you head to the mall next time, look through your closet for some items that you can pair up with something new or by adding something to it, like maybe new buttons or lace.

Reuse That Others Recycled

Shopping thrift shops and vintage clothing shops are great places to find a style that may have been yesteryear, but today it is all yours! By reusing what others have recycled, you are a part of the solution by being eco-friendly with your wardrobe.

Go Organic for Eco-Friendly Clothing

When possible, buy clothing that is made from organic materials. Some of the best feeling materials for clothing are organic like cotton, linen and even wool. These come from animals and plants, they are biodegrade and when they’re wore out beyond use, put them in a compost pile and get more use out of them. You can’t get much more eco-friendly than that!

 Check the Tags

When shopping for clothes, always check the tags and look for items that are low-maintenance. This is easier on your and its eco-friendly when you don’t have to take things to the dry cleaners.  Eco-friendly and low-maintenance clothes you can hand wash or machine wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Do Eco-Friendly Laundry

One of the best ways to have eco-friendly clothing is to focus on how you are doing your laundry.  Wash them in a way that they’ last longer so that you can get more miles from them. There are detergents that are made for cold water wash and cold water is much easier on fabrics than hot water.  Use detergents and softeners that are eco-friendly too. They may cost a bit more, but your effort to leave less of a footprint on Earth will pay in full.