5 Ways To Be Green This Winter

By   September 19, 2015

Be GreenCan you believe that winter will be here any day now?! How quick the fall will go by and the holidays will be upon us. But this doesn’t mean we can’t get ready to be green this winter! Here we offer you 4 ways you can be green this winter that is easy on the wallet and friendly for the environment.

Warm Your Vehicle’s Engine

Be green with you vehicle by purchasing and using an engine block heater will pre-heat the coolant in your car or truck. This will keep the engine block warm, including the fluids and lubricants inside it so that it will start easier and warm up on the inside quicker.

How does this help you be green? Well it will minimize the amount of fuel you waste waiting for your car to warm up. It will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and it will help your engine last longer. Since a block heater runs on electricity, it is recommended you use a timer that will start warming up automatically 1 to 4 hours prior to when you’ll be departing, depending on how low the temp is.

Be Green For the Holidays

The fall and winter holidays are colorful so add a little green inspiration too! When you attend a holiday party, take your host and hostess, make a donation in their name to non-profit organization and give them a card thanking them. This will go much further than a bottle of wine or box of chocolates and will show your host and hostess your drive to be green while encouraging them to do the same.

Get out the candles to use in place of lamps for that fuzzy, warm feel and look of a fall or winter evening. Where there are light bulbs, be green and buy eco-friendly bulbs like LED or CFL. They are available for both indoor and outdoor use so you can be green inside and outside using eight percent less energy.

Use your fireplace for heating source as much as possible and be green even more by using fire glass which is made from glass crystals which won’t put off harmful toxins like fireplace wood since it doesn’t actually burn.

Conserve The Heat

With an average of almost $1,500 a year spent on energy bills, what family doesn’t want to find ways to be green, especially when you consider that approximately ½ of your energy consumed is for cooling and heating your home.

Homes that use coal for heat source contribute to the environment pollution with greenhouse gases. Surf the internet for more eco-friendly ways to heat your home this winter and be green by sealing up any cracks and gaps where the heat could be escaping. Instead of cranking up the heat on cold days and nights, be green and layer up!

Go With Eco Clothing

There are some things you don’t have to do every day, but wearing clothes isn’t one of them. So if you have to be dressed, why not be green with your garb? When you’re shopping for clothes, read the labels and choose items that are all natural. They won’t have all those chemicals that are used in other clothing that harm the environment or are made from animals. And just because it says 100% cotton, doesn’t mean that it is eco-friendly. To be green with cotton clothing, look for organic cotton clothes.

Go With Seasonal Foods

Make your winter menu according to what’s in season so that you can be green and not have to drive around finding the fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season. You’ll find that season-appropriate foods are less expensive, taste better and are healthier too.