5 Green Technology Tips For Remodeling Your Home Office

By   September 3, 2015

Green Technology TipsWhen you work from home, every so often, remodeling the room that is your office is needed. Maybe for space, you want to get more modern style or to get better organized so that you have better functionality and organization. Regardless the reason, chances are you will be adding or upgrading the technology inside.

Here we’re going to give you five green technology tips to help you implement green technology in various ways. These ways will lower the operating expenses as well as make your home office eco-friendly. With a little research effort, you can find other pieces of green technology to use besides what we offer here too:

The Building Materials & Furnishings

As you remodel the office in your home, select construction materials that are eco-friendly.  When construction materials are called eco-friendly, it is because of what they are made from, all natural materials, as well as the green technology used to make them.

  • Choose a VOC paint (low-volatile organic-compound) that won’t create obnoxious fumes. Not only are they eco-friendly to the atmosphere, but healthier for you not breathing in those normal paint fumes.
  • Choose construction materials and wood furnishings that are manufactured using formaldehyde due during the manufacturing process. There are materials that are made using green technology that are safer for you as well such as cork or hardwood.
  • For your flooring, go with a linoleum or hardwood instead of carpeting.

Choose Lighting That Will Be Energy-Saving

Choosing lighting in your home office is a big part of remodeling. You want it to look good, provide the lighting you need but you have a budget. Today’s green technology has brought us many upgrades to lighting that will fit all those requirements:

  • Replace all of the light fixtures that use the traditional CFL bulbs with LED lighting.
  • LED is a green technology that may have a higher cost upfront, but can give you as much as ninety-percent savings in energy cost.

Choose a Green Design

If you are planning a major home office remodeling, work with an architect or designer that can help you create a green design office space.  Such as simple things like taking advantage of the natural lighting that is available so that you don’t have to use as much energy.

Green Technology Investment

Today’s green technology provides us many pieces of equipment that do more than one task. Installing a programmable thermostat then setting it so that you’re only using air condition and heating as needed. Choose lighting that works with motion sensors will not only be eco-friendly but will be a cost saver for you as well.

Rooftop Landscaping

This will totally depend on how your home is designed, but by adding landscaping to the rooftop will provide benefits that are eco-friendly.  By choosing the right materials, they will absorb heat, light and will help your energy cost greatly.