5 Green Technology Applications We Have Today

By   July 16, 2015

Green TechnologyWhy do we find that environmental interest and technology projects are at odds with one another?  Because there is a good amount of waste when it comes to technology with the manufacturing of devices and the use of energy as well as the speed of innovation increasing add to the environmental issues.

However, there are a several areas where this is seen as an opportunity and not a problem technology is then used to protect the environment. Here we over 5 green technology applications that we have today that are making a powerful effect on the environment.

Joined Lighting and Heating

The green technology we have today is getting closer and closer to having every device we have connected to each other and the first round this happening has already hit the mainstream and it has allowed many devices to have more control over the environment physically, such as the new Nest thermostat which has changed how we cool and heat our homes whether we are home or not. This technology has automated and optimized so that we can now minimize our energy usage, even if we aren’t home.

Vehicles Running Off Electricity

In the past few years, electric vehicles have become almost mainstreamed in the world of green technology. The public demand is increasing every year for more options in electric cars, which in turn has motivated a few entrepreneurs to build a startup in the automotive industry. That in spite of the large amount of capital needed and the strict regulatory barriers that have to be overcame.

IT and Server Technology

One of the largest expenses for most technology giants like Google is their data centers. It isn’t cheap organizing all of the information in the world. Aside from the salaries they pay out, the amount of energy they use is a huge expense for their operational budget. As such, those types of companies are open to innovative ways to do things better while using green technology to reduce the amount of energy they consume doing what they do.

Alternative Sources For Energy

Furthermore, the design innovations and construction of those design data centers of the bigger tech companies are pushing for more alternative energy application to get the most efficiency from the amount of energy they use. Both Apple and Google are leading the way with data centers that are using alternative energy sources either full time or part time.

Recycling Devices

Rarely are mobile devices and electronics made environmentally friendly basically because of their processes for manufacturing involve chemicals that are harmful and metals that are rare. And that is going to be a problem that keeps growing for the environment if we don’t do something about it now if you look at how new phones are coming out every day. Luckily, this pace of new devices has created a profitable enterprise from device recycling. That has given us a significant number of ventures for startups that buy back repair or recycle old devices. This is a form of green technology that has closed one loop of environmental wasting.