3 Ways To Be Enviro-Friendly With Water

By   September 7, 2015

Enviro-Friendly With WaterEveryone is all about being enviro-friendly these days. Saving the natural resources that we have taken for granted is the biggest part of being enviro-friendly, and water is probably one of the most abused resources. Here we offer three methods that we can all do to protect our water sources:

Water Conservation At Home: It takes a good amount of energy to get the water to your bathroom or kitchen faucet. It comes from ground water, lakes, oceans and rivers and has to go through treatment plants. There it is filtered and chemically treated to make it clean enough for human consumption. So the less water you use at home, the less energy is used to get to you.  What can you do to conserve water and be enviro-friendly?

  • Low-Water Dishwashing. For example, don’t leave the water on while doing dishes. Fill one sink with soapy water and one sink with clear water then turn off the water. Wash in one, rinse in the other then dry them or put in a drainer.
  • Low-flow shower heads save a lot and shorten your shower time or take baths instead
  • Buy dishwashers and washing machines that have water saving features then use those features like smaller loads take less water.
  • Repair all the dripping faucets and leaking pipes.
  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Minimize lawn watering. Collect rain water for your plants.

Use Less Chemicals: The products you use to clean are full of chemicals that go into the drain and into the ground then the water system. The same thing with the chemicals you use on your lawn. Replace these things with products that are all-natural and safe, many of which are marked enviro-friendly.  Baking soda and white vinegar make a great alternative to chemical laden cleaning solutions for the bathroom and kitchen.

Replace the products you use for you personal body care with all natural products. Not only will it be a step to enviro-friendly, but healthier for your body too. Same in your yard when you’re killing weeds, use all natural herbicides and pesticides. And when planting, go with the plants that are native to the area you live then let nature take care of them as all was meant to be.

Keep Hazardous Waste Materials Out Of The Drains: Waste materials like ammonia, motor oil, paint and other chemical solutions that are poured down drains or on the ground seep into the ground and into our water. Find the approved locations in your area where they can be properly disposed.

Keep Local Water Pollution Free: Simply by making changes to your habits and routines of chemical use and water use is probably the biggest step you can take toward being enviro-friendly.  But we all need to do more like participate in community clean-up days around the waterways.