3 More Ways To Be Green Around The House This Winter

By   September 18, 2015

Be GreenWe recently shared 4 ways to be green around your home this winter and we have found 3 more ways. You can follow the tips we’ve shared and find ways on your own to be green this winter. You know your home better than anyone so you probably know where the air leaks are and what lights you burn the most.  Take the steps you know will be green efforts along with the tips we share here:

TIP Five: Heating System Needs A Check Up and A Tune-up

Don’t wait until that first cold snap to find out if your heating system is working order or not. Be green and have it checked out now and get a professional tune-up done. Almost 30% of your winter energy costs go toward heat so get the most for your money! You can do things yourself as well like changing the filter every 30 days.

Remember that a professional tune-up may find small things going bad on your system so by taking care of it now, you won’t wake up a frozen house and you’ll minimize the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks too. If your existing heat system has needed several repairs the past few years, it may be time to invest in a new one. The cost is high right now but you’ll get your money back over time because it will be operating correctly. The newer systems today are much more efficient letting you be green while you stay warm.

TIP Six: Window Check-Up

When your windows aren’t fitting properly, which you can tell if they open and close with ease, there is often a gap around them that lets cold air in.  This is a huge contribution to inefficiency. When you live in an area of the country that experiences cold winters, take the steps to be green now and check all of your windows. Caulk what needs to be caulked, replace broken panes and if possible, look at investing in new windows. The double-panned windows are great and the triple-panned that is on the market is even better.

TIP Seven: Get A Smart Thermostat

So after you have bought new windows, upgraded you heating system and caulked everything there is to caulk, there is one more thing you can do.  Buy and install a smart thermostat.  Technology is making it so easy now to be green and operate how cool or warm your house when you’re away. Don’t be intimidated by them either. They come with great easy-to-follow instructions and most have an 800 number you can call for help. You’ll be able to turn the heat down or up from your computer or smart phone and have the house temperature cozy when you get home.