Energy Efficiency With Window Treatments

By   November 28, 2015

Energy EfficiencyOne of the biggest things you can do for your home for energy efficiency is installing quality window treatments. It is said that when you do not have energy-efficient window treatments, you can lose up to 50% of your home’s cooling and heating energy through the windows.

Today, several of the larger brand names of window treatments have created, designed and manufactured some of the most energy-efficient shades, some are referred to as honeycomb shades, which as the name indicates, they are made in a honeycomb design and some have a honeycomb design within the honeycomb.

The Insulation

During the winter months, without proper window treatments, the heating in your home escapes through the windows and goes outside. And during the summer months, the same is to be said about the heat that is outside comes in through the windows, making your cooling system work harder. Window treatments are an excellent way to reduce your home’s energy consumption, and create an atmosphere of comfort in your home.

The Solar Heat

The sun can provide us warmth by way of solar energy, which is desirable in the winter months for heating your home. During the summer months though, that solar power can make your home overly hot and uncomfortable which can increase your cooling costs. Some of today’s window fashions control that solar energy and level out the heat in the winter versus the heat in the summer.

Daylight vs Artificial Light

Daylighting is a term that is the practice of using natural light for lighting your rooms instead of using artificial light. It draws the natural light into your home by way of these new window treatments and reduces the need to use artificial lighting. This reduces your energy use, which is helpful to the environment too.

5 Tips To Window Energy Efficiency

  • Check all your doors and windows that they are weather-stripped all the way around.
  • Caulk the windows in your basement and your storm windows.
  • Be energy efficient and keep your windows shut and locked when cooling or heating the house.
  • On sunny days in the winter, open your window coverings and use the free solar power for heat. Be sure to close your window coverings at night so they keep the heat in during the winter.
  • During the day in the summer, close the window coverings to keep the heat out.